March 8, 2015

Turnabout 2015

This year’s Turnabout kicked off with the much anticipated “creative ask” for my boyfriend Friday night. Here are the rest of the pictures that survived considering we missed pictures…ha.  Upperclassmen dress in themes whereas underclassman dress formally.  My group’s theme was emojis, so N and I were the anchor and the bow, which basically translated into dressing as preppy as humanely possible.




Dancing on the party bus to and from dinner made for an adrenaline rush and good vibes from Ben.







There are only around 10 weeks left of high school, but nights like this one make me never want it to end.  I know I am definitely going to miss it.

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January 2, 2015

the only game worth playing in

Real talk: the eyeliner game is a competitive one. In my opinion the 60’s look is one of the best, it just made everyone’s eyes look so goddamn cool.


Catherine Deneuve, 1960's.The most iconic ponytails of all time—all the hair inspiration you need

Jane Fonda

francoise hardy-2

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December 31, 2014


Now that I’m looking back at it, 2014 was a year of a lot of changes.  It started with the polar vortex, and is ending with spring weather which is somewhat ironic in my book, but that might just be me. 

Here’s what I did:

I started the college admissions process which took quite a bit of willpower and 3 am crises on whether my chosen degree would be a good idea, I visited NYC for the first time (amazing), I actually went to an art museum.. twice (!) went to Lollapalooza which was…an experience, I’ll leave it at that.  I made new friends, grew apart from some old ones, spent an obscene amount of my money at Walker Brother’s Pancake house, and found a boy who I cant imagine life without at this point.


While I can’t determine the ultimate label of “good”, “okay” or “could’ve been better” this year will hold in the filing cabinet of my mind, there are so many good memories, more than I can remember having in a very long time. Cheersssss.

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December 13, 2014


I have an obnoxious Great Books project due on Wednesday on Freud’s Civilization and its Discontents. While I’d like to bludgeon Freud over the head right now with a heavy object as he is the reason for my academic suffering right now, that might just affirm his idea of humans having a natural instinct of aggression – and I really do not want to give him the satisfaction.

While I don’t necessarily agree with much, if any of what Freud says and this book is filled with problems, it seems to make sense.  So, yeah.

While being forced to apply Freudian concepts to a children’s story probably made for the worst discussion to date in my current English class, other than that sexual blip in the Freudian road, it’s going to be okay.

So I’m going to sell my soul to Mortimer Adler and pray to the gods, (whom supposedly do not exist and are just man’s creation as to have purpose) that I get a good grade. Peace, yo.

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November 29, 2014

back from the dead

So, internet, I am in fact still alive.  I’ve been drowning and AP class work and college applications and essay writing.  So blogging, a glamorous and somewhat time consuming past time has taken a back seat.  But I miss this little corner of the galaxy, I miss Amy (SO much) and I miss publishing words onto the page. . .screen.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m trying to budget Christmas gifts for everyone and I feel like there are five billion things to do.  Let me just catch you up with some photos:





Trop c’est trop.

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August 26, 2014


I haven’t blogged in weeks.  I haven’t said anything of dramatic importance, nothing to express a deep philosophical understanding of life’s true meaning, nor the scientific explanation of why koalas exist.  Ultimately, I’ve had nothing to say, so I’ve kept quiet.

Blogging has lost a touch of is sparkle.  I have no interest in typing superfluous sentences into my keyboard to appease… well, who is reading?  If you’ve visited this webpage before, you may be familiar with the fact that I want to be a writer.  I love words.

As a result of the neglect and slow, decrepit decline of my blogging, I realized that I didn’t have to blog.  In the back of my mind I had felt a strong sense of obligation to put anything on my blog.  Anything to sort of send a little wave out to the limitless expanse of internet that said, “I’m still here! Don’t forget about me!”  But that is no longer the case.

To repeat myself, I love words.  And in my endless love affair with them, I know that they have both the ability to mean everything, and the ability to mean nothing at all.  So why should I bore someone with something I hate, that I don’t mean, that I don’t find important, just to say it? I don’t wish to be held to the previous standard my blog has set.  The majority is cheery, bright, and honestly, irrelevant.  I would like to be associated with a higher level of thinking that is both impactful and relevant.  I want to be taken seriously.

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